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The Chaumiere is a building with character, an old farmhouse several times reworked combined with the refined atmosphere of a prestigious establishment. The table where the plate is adorned with a thousand colors and flavors is a Michelin-star undisputed reference in the Dole area. The rooms have been fully renovated and offer all the comfort required for a relaxing break. The Chaumière is above all a warm atmosphere both classy and relaxed, where every detail contributes to the serenity of its guests. A swimming pool, a large two acre park, a terrace, six garages and a large private car park are available to customers .

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Joel Cesari, two piercing eyes behind small red framed glasses. The kind of designer glasses one doesn’t pick at random, but rather because they stick to one’s personality. It's just the mark of a discrete singularity, from a man who has a strong sense of nonconformism. Joel Césari likes reading gourmet pleasure in its customers ‘eyes, their astonishment at a flavor, a harmony, a product. Here, the Petit Mercey snails roll like marbles on a thin parsley jelly to be reincarnated as a floral bouquet when in contact with a gentian ice cream. That’s when Joel Césari casually creates in this region rather attached to the land, this small and delightful shift that propels at once conventional cooking into the almost great.